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I played it tonight. And I really enjoyed it. He's SUCH A GOOD BOY! I like a good shmup --I'm bad at them, but I enjoy them. I found figuring out which power up is which very tricky. And I just want to rotate through them all instead of just having one.

I need a manual to understand what the heck all the powerups do. Also, what are the hitstates?

I hope the game will be gamepad combatible with rebinding. Also, the training intro/outro text is WAY too slow.

This game is RUFF! for real, looks and plays amazing, great job y'all! (this version is the steam demo, i dunno if they're the same)

Just played the Steam demo and I love it, especially this amazing soundtrack. Please release the soundtrack as well, when the game launches =)

Cuando se lanzará para dispositivos móviles. Es que lo quiero jugar en Android, no se si se podrá. El juego se ve bien bonito y la música también. Buen trabajo.

Do you plan to get an Android version?

Amazing game!

Very nice game !

this is one of the few legit games in the agdg jam.


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Warning indicators - good

powerup icons - not distinct enough (bombs are distinct at least)

drop items on death - drop too many???

occasional spawning in a wall that fills the screen - might want to fix

Ty the team it's working on this!!

amazing, pretty cool 😀

Thanks Jonas!

Весёлая и милая игра, мне понравилось, буду ждать релиза :) 

I really like your game.It 's a lot like Parodius.Can't wait to see more.


Thank you, the team is working hard on it!

Its a good boi

It's a good cyborg 😊🐶

Its a very,very *GOOD GAME*

Thank you!

I like that. The world!!! olaolaolaola 

And as a developer. I'm wondering how to make that effect. 


After you try the game .. it is a wonderful fun you just need to add more stages

We also want stronger and more comprehensive weapons in destroying targets and enemies
I enjoyed playing it

Thank you the team will work on it!!

Cannot wait for this to be done! Me and my sister did a little playthrough of the demo and loved it!

Aww thanks!! 🐶

It was a fun demo and cute.

Thanks, the team is working hard on it to be finished 🐶

ProtoCorgi is a surprisingly fun game and a nice piece of work for just a demo. It captures the look and feel of playing a Gradius style game from back in the day, and that's pretty cool for something silly and corgi based.

Good job, devs.

Thank you!!!

So much fun! Huge fan of shmups and even the Puppest difficulty gave me difficulty (which is a good thing). Can't wait to see what the future brings.

Thanks! Working on it for you to play it 🐶

Made a video


Thanks! Can we upload it to our social media?

yeah that would be fine

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I do make a German Testvideo of this Game, Check it out guys. Deutsches Angezockt, schaut mal rein.

Awesome! Thanks 🐶

Amazingly cute and awesome game, i loved it and cant wait for the whole thing!

Thank you!!!

Really fun game.  Pretty hard, but i love it, the sound effects are amazing, as are the graphics and the idea itself. 


Guys ! I love this game, I've been playing until this Eye boss, that killed me at the end haha. But I will try again, I've been loosing way to many lives against those flowers throwing their eyes as well! But beside that I really loved the concept! 

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Thank you!, We joined the competition.

I like the game ☺️

Felicidades por el juego :D


Super great. Best shooter. 100% would buy a full game even if its at 60 dolars!

Wow thanks for your your support!!

looks fun! and the graphics looks like they came off from yoshi's island 

Aww thank you 🐶🤩

hello Kemono Games! I played your game today. Very enjoyable experience! I also made a Gameplay video! Hope you will enjoy!

Thank you! Sorry for the late reply :3


Im in love with this game!♥

Yeyyyy thank you!!

I did a Twitch stream of your game on Sunday 03/03/19 and I uploaded it to my YouTube channel today.

I recorded myself playing it for the first time and made commentary on how I thought it played and what I liked/didn't like.  I tried to be objective.  I'm trying to provide honest feedback and playtesting to indie devs.  The link is below.

The biggest flaw i noticed is that i cant play it with an arcade stick. it doesnt recognize dpads, only joysticks. otherwise excellent job kemonos

Reminds me of Contra in a way but, instead of Rambo it's a cute adorable corgi puppy!

Awww yeahhh 🐶💖


did i just see a jojo refrence

Love it!



this is the cure of cancer